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Thrones RPG

Welcome to Thrones RPG, a mass multiplayer browser game, inspired by A Song of Ice & Fire.

Begin your quest today to defeat your foes, defend your honour and state your claim to the Iron Throne.
As in the end, you will win or you will lose. There is no middle ground when you play the game of Thrones RPG.

The time in Kings Landing is: 1:59 pm.
Next game day in: 0h, 50m, 01s (real time)

The newest player to join is: Farmboy Ghost

Next Game Day: 0h 50m 01s (Real Time)

The most recent hero of Westeros is: Thatcher Asher

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Welcome to Thrones RPG. This site is age rated 16+

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Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
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